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Timeless Welding
See how welding processes have evolved to repair the unique look of a Rolex.
Rolex has been the face of wealth and sophistication since before most of us were even born. No matter where you are in the world, it seems everyone understands the language of "Rolex". Celebrities, including actors like Harrison Ford, are known to be "iconic duo[s]" with their Rolex watches.[1] It's no wonder that collectors and watch-enthusiasts covet these timepieces with pride.

Watches, like everything else, are subject to time and wear. To quote Harrison Ford's famous line, "it's not the years, it's the milage." Sometimes watches, yes, even Rolex watches, need repair.

Rolex watches include many materials to assemble. The most co...
Rolliworks Rolex Watch
2319 Aluminum: A Supply Chain Halted
Supply for 2319 Aluminum Welding Rod just got tighter.
As of May 2022, HQA received notification that Alcotec, an ESAB company, has removed the 2319 alloy from their product listing. At the time of this writing, listings for 2319 products have not y...
2319 welding rod
New HQA 650 VS
Perfect for injection molds and sliding machine parts!
The new HQA 650 VS welding wire offers outstanding abrasion resistance combined with heavy shock-resistance, despite the increased level of hardness. Several layers can be applied with little ri...
HQA's New Website
HQA Wire Products is proud to present its new website.
We at HQA have dedicated much attention to the details so that you can get the information you need quickly! Please feel free to browse the entire site or just look where you like. If you...
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