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2319 Aluminum: A Supply Chain Halted

Supply for 2319 Aluminum Welding Rod just got tighter.
2319 welding rod

As of May 2022, HQA received notification that Alcotec, an ESAB company, has removed the 2319 alloy from their product listing. At the time of this writing, listings for 2319 products have not yet been removed form Alcotec and ESAB websites.[1] 

This product exclusion further tightens an already choking market for specialized alloys. It is unclear whether this call to stop the production of these alloys is related to COVID-19 market shifts. Thankfully, HQA still has a limited supply of U.S, domestic 2319 welding rod.



Alloy 2319 (AWS A5.10, Class ER2319 & AMS 4191) has been used as filler rod for welding Aluminum-copper alloys such as 2219, an aluminum base-metal used in “high strength structural and aircraft applications” according to Alcotec's published data sheet for the weld rod. The benefits include resistance to cracking and higher temperature endurance.[2]


HQA has historically provided 2319 weld wire that is suitable for MIG and TIG applications.


Due to limited availability, please call HQA to check availability of aluminum alloy welding rod.

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