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2319 Aluminum: An HQA Welding Rod

A consistent supply of high-quality product made to any size and any form!
2319 aluminum welding wire on a spool

HQA posted an article last year about the dwindling supply of 2319 aluminum welding wire. In the wake of post-COVID changes to the welding industry, many voiced concerns about the aviability of this specialized alloy and what the future of supply looked like for the much-needed material.

HQA Wire Products is now proud to produce 2319 aluminum in all standard American Welding Society sizes (.125", .093", .062", etc.). Custom and non-standard sizes are also available, including those produced for our MicroWire products.

Our history in the aerospace industry and our eye for quality welding-materials ensures that every order of 2319 will include certifications with traceability and chemistry reporting per heat. Our vision for this material is to provide a consistent supply of high-quality product available in any size and any form your project requires.

Whether you're in aerospace or additive manufacturing, please contact our sales team and let us know how we can get HQA 2319 aluminum welding rod in your hands today!


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