MicroWire™ - Micro TIG and Laser Welding Wire

MicroWire™ - Micro TIG and Laser Welding Wire

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HQA MicroWire™ is used for applications requiring laser welding with filler rod. HQA has the ability to draw wire as thin as a strand of hair [1] while maintaining a bright and clean finish for laser micro welding or micro tig welding.

Every order of MicroWire™ is shipped with a chemistry analysis that is unique to the batch (heat) of wire purchased. Whether you are repairing a Rolex watch or a plastic-injection mold, you can be sure of what your filler rod is made of.

MicroWire™ is the most complimentary filler wire for a micro laser welder.

HQA is your laser welding wire supplier!

MicroWire laser welding wire filler rod